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Judging Criteria

Our internal judging team will assess the following aspects of the product and to shortlist the finalists of each product category for further judgement:


  • Completeness of information provided

  • Ingredient List

  • Degree of Innovation

  • Appearance

  • Packaging Design

  • Sustainability

Members of Judging Panel will base on 5 key factors for further evaluation :

Experts' Choice Judging
5 key elements for judging_r2.png

Judging Panel

The judging panel is comprised of a variety of respected experts to bring the widest pool of knowledge possible to the judging sessions. This ensures that you can trust that your product will be judged by the best in the industry.

2024 Panel of Judges

Judging Day

Panel of judges will meet and taste each finalists’ products together.  They will score each product and the scores will be added up.  The products with the highest scores become the winner of its applied category.

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