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Nomination Guideline


  • My Favourite”Award welcomes public nomination for below categories:

  • Veggie Restaurant - Restaurant must only serve vegetarian menu

  • Café with Vegan Options - Café must have two or more drinks / foods with vegan option

  • Bakery with Vegan Options - Bakery shop must have two or more vegan baked products (such as cakes, pastries, bread, biscuits & cookies, etc.)

  • Retailer for Veg Products - Retail store (either physical or online) needs not only offer vegetarian products, but must have 10 or more products suitable for vegetarians for sale in store

  • Naked Shop

  • Nominated business enterprises must be operating in Hong Kong.

Nomination Fee : 

Free of charge

Nominator Eligibility :

Anyone with a valid email account and Hong Kong mobile phone number

Nomination Rules

  • Each nominator is only allowed to submit one nomination. Nominations submitted by violators will be rejected.

  • Each nominator may nominate in multiple categories but may nominate only one restaurant or shop in each category.

  • Nominators must complete all steps for the nomination.

  • Nominators must provide valid personal information. Nominations without personal information or with invalid personal information will be rejected.

  • No prize/reward will be offered for the nomination campaign.

  • Deadline date and time for nomination is 11:59 pm of 30 November 2023, subject to the time of nomination receipt by the organizer's server.

  • Any nominations with content that are fictitious, provocative, misleading or using inappropriate language will be rejected.

  • In case of any dispute, decision by the Organizer is final.

Nomination Method

  • Complete the online nomination form and provide the reason of your nomination in 200 words or less

Nomination Period : 

1 - 30 November, 2023

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