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Entry FAQs


Can I enter the same category more than once?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of times you can enter the awards.

Can I submit a multiple flavors /versions product in one entry ?

Each entry is for a single specific product and flavour, not for product lines and product ranges.
Each flavour/version requires a separate entry, every entry is valid for only one product name.

Are the awards accepting entries globally?

Yes, the awards accept entries worldwide.


My product won the awards in previous year, can the product apply for the award this year again ?

Awarded product applies for the same awarded category will NOT be accepted.  Only if the awarded products that entered into the awards in different category with the previously years, can re-enter again.


What’s the cost of entry?

2024 VFA Exhibitor : HK$1,000 for the first entry, HK$500 for each additional entry

Non VFA Exhibitor : HK$1,500 for the first entry, HK$800 for each additional entry


How is my entry judged?

Each entry is judged on information you provide via your entry form, including entry description, images and supporting documents.


Do I need to submit product samples together after submitting the entry form?

Not for this year’s HKQVA.  Only selected finalists have to provide product sample for further evaluation.  Finalist list will be announced in early January 2024.  Wait to receive delivery instructions for judging week, which will be emailed to all finalists in January 2024.

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