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This new award is to recognize the stunning veg dishes created by local eateries, which will be judged by critics / foodies in Hong Kong.

For the past ten years, Hong Kong have witnessed the growth of green menu options in eateries and restaurants, and the variety of veg dishes has become much diverse. There are many outstanding veg dishes produced by talented chefs that showcase their passion, creativity and expertise. The Foodies’ Choice Veg Dish Award is to celebrate their excellence and acknowledge the support of eatery to the healthy and veggie market.


  • Open for any eatery with stunning veg dishes in Hong Kong.

  • The nominated veg dish must be available in the existing menu served by the eatery at the time of judging.

  • Each eatery only can nominate one veg dish

  • All ingredients used for the nominated veg dish must be suitable to vegetarian consumption.


The award divided into two categories : Asian Cuisine & Western Cuisine

Judging Criteria

The award will be selected by a panel of Tasters made up of local foodies, chefs and veggie/vegan influencers. Selection will be based on 5 key score factors: Taste, Innovation, Ingredients, Price, and Presentation


The shortlisted entries will be notified individually in December 2023. All finalists are required to attend the judging day in late January 2024 and to prepare the nominated dish onsite for the assessment.  Winners will be notified and announced in mid-February 2024 by phone or email.

Benefits to Awardees

  • Increased visibility: Winning the award can bring media attention and coverage, which will help to promote the restaurant or brand to a wider audience.

  • Enhanced reputation: The award can establish a restaurant's reputation and esteem in the industry, which will attract new customers.

  • Customer loyalty: It can increase customers' confidence in the quality of its product or service, leading to increased loyalty and repeat business.

  • Improved staff morale: The award can be a source of pride and motivation for employees, leading to better customer service and an overall improvement in the dining experience.

  • Long-term success: It can lead to long-term benefits for a restaurant, including increased sales and growth.

The Process & Key Dates

Call for Entries

Shortlist of Finalists

Judging Period 

Winners Announcement

Awards Ceremony

October to 30 November 2023

December 2023

25-31 January 2024 *
(*All finalists must attend the judging day)

Mid February 2024

8 March 2024

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