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Entry Guideline


  • Only meat-free and/or cruelty free product will be qualified for the entry

  • Previous awarded products apply for the same category will not be accepted

  • This Award accepts entries worldwide

Entry Fee:

  • 2024 VFA Exhibitor : HK$1,000 for the first entry, HK$500 for each additional entry

  • Non VFA Exhibitor : HK$1,500 for the first entry, HK$800 for each additional entry

  • 1 product entered into 3 categories = 3 entries 

  • 3 products entered into 1 category = 3 entries 

Entry Submission

  • Submit your entries via online entry submission form

  • One entry is valid for one submission. One product can be entered into multiple categories.

  • Each flavour/version requires a separate entry, every entry is valid for only one product name. 

Remarks : Please do not send any products until you receive the delivery instructions.

Entry is Close !

Please check out the Terms and Conditions before entering.

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